Versahub® FAQ

Versahub® Bedside Mounting System

  1. Is the Versahub® ambidextrous?

    Yes, the Versahub® is ambidextrous.

  2. Does the Versahub® work with guns equipped with lasers or lights?

    Yes, the Versahub® will work with guns that have lasers and lights attached.

  3. Can the Versahub® be used with other holsters and magazine carriers?

    No, the Versahub® is designed to only work with the Versacarry® and Versacarrier®.

  4. Does the Versacarry® and the Versacarrier® come included with the Versahub®?

    No, unfortunately all products must be purchased separately.

  5. Does the Versahub® have any sort of locking mechanism to keep children from accessing your gun and spare magazine?

    No, but we do not recommend using the Versahub® where children are present as stated in our safety manual, “DO NOT attempt to use the Versahub® in a household or environment where children are likely to be, and can obtain access to the firearm.”